Social Instinct is a moderation, management, and curation solution for brands, agencies and publishers. It uses smart technology to analyze content on social media sites, automatically promoting good content and deleting bad content.


Social Instinct plugs into Facebook and other social media platforms, quickly ingesting and processing multiple types of user-generated content. It scores the content, then pushes the most important items to you or your moderation teams.


With Social Instinct, moderators can process large amounts of user-generated content quickly and efficiently in multiple languages. It captures sentiment analysis, and creates reports in presentation-ready infographics.

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About Social Instinct
Custom Infographic Reporting Custom Infographic Reporting

Social Instinct Platform

Social Instinct is a social media moderation and management platform.

How It Works
Social Instinct plugs into social media platforms, quickly ingesting and processing multiple types of user-generated content (UGC). Text posts, images, and video are passed through our platform, where it scores the content as positive or negative. Once processed, the curated content is then pushed to you on a custom dashboard for either promotion or remediation.

Thorough: Connects to all of your social media platforms.

  • Holistic: All content types, (including text, images and video) are scored for an overall assessment of UGC.
  • Fast: The best and worst items and users are prioritized for human curation and review on a simple dashboard.
  • Always on the job: Social Instinct can automatically remove deleted content and accounts for simplified housekeeping
  • Infographic Reporting: Need reporting for management or clients? We provide reports in a custom infographic, presentation-ready style.

Who Uses Social Instinct?
Social Instinct was built from the ground up for companies and brands who are leveraging social media to generate leads, increase sales, recruit, promote employee engagement, and execute on community support opportunities.

A Solution for Moderation Teams.
Social Instinct is the optimal platform for moderators to process large amounts of UGC quickly and efficiently. The best and worst content is pushed to the top of the queue for the moderators to work on first. Moderators can escalate items to managers for further evaluation.

Interested in learning more?
Contact us today at info@socialinstinct.com, or contact us for a demo.

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